Wednesday, March 11, 2009

May 16 ...

May 16th 's tryst with history is already written. What history is going to get recorded on that day, is what we all have to wait and watch.

Will Advani's long cherished dream of becoming Prime Minister turn into reality? Will Jayalalitha return back to power in Tamil Nadu, thus mainting the trend of alternatingly ruling the state? :D Will Chiranjeevi even come close to becoming the CM? What will happen to Chandrababu Naidu if he loses? These and many other questions will find their answers on May 16th !

Starting tomorrow, I will start documenting my thoughts on many such issues till the election results are declared. Let's see how much we predict is going to turn into reality :D

Stay tuned ...


  1. This is NOT just a comment.. you would better cherish your career as a VJ man!

    BTW who is the motivation for you to start writing?
    Rule of thumb: Ppl start writing when he/she miss someone! - Qcomer

  2. I think you should also talk about some serious issues in our country and how these parties are going to address them. or will there be any change... this should be like an eye opening blog for lot of people...