Sunday, April 26, 2009

The unsung heroes ...

It is no mean job to conduct elections in India. The sheer amount of machinery, officials and security concerns are baffling enough for an ordinary mind. To go a step further and control the flow of money too, is an extraordinary achievement. The Chief Electoral Officer and the DGP of AP have done this precisely this and more.

When the elections were announced, we had a DGP who was partisan to the ruling dispensation. The Election Commission transferred him, and bought in A.K.Mohanty as the DGP. In a truly filmy style, the started cracking the whip right from day one! He gave the police officers down the ring very clear instructions, and more importantly instilled a sense of duty in all the officers across the state. State wide checks were carried out so rigoursly that the police recoverd upto Rs. 40 crore from various sources!! Imagine that! One change at the helm, and the difference in the functioning was so palpable. Police officers across the state functioned without fear and favour in these crucial times. Thousands of unruly elements were arrested as a preliminary measure just the elections. The biggest achievement still remains the success of controlling the flow of money in the state.

The Chief Electoral Officer, Dr.I.V.Subba Rao was more of a silent killer! He put in extra efforts to ensure that maximum number of people got enrolled as voters. Upto the 23rd of March ( one month before the elections ), the election commission gave an option to people to enroll! And to make the task easier, dropboxes were set up in almost all post offices. He was always available to recieve complaints/representations from any political party. I mean, he gave 2 hours to even K.A.Paul before he got on his nerves !!!! Every application was treated on its merit, and the violators of model code were reprimanded accordingly too. Strict enforcement of the code has again proved the impartial way the commission functions. Electoral rolls were also scrutinsed closely. Every election, 1000's of people used to complain that their name was missing in the list. This election had only 100's complaining. The setting up of CC Cameras, the excellent planning that went into identifying the polling booths with chances of violence fully ensured that the polls were by and large peaceful.

The entire police force, and the election related staf deserve unlimited kudos for a job so well done. They are, truly, this election's unsung heroes.


  1. Truely commendable job..
    This is a clear example of what a couple of strict and dedicated officers can do and show impact.. I hope we get some more like these and that too in the top positions of state and nation.. I don't mean in leaders. I don't have hope in politicians.. But anyway "fingers crossed"

  2. When I first met Mr Mohanty in the newly constructed Jagannath temple...I couldn't imagine that he had that guts to go ahead wtih such steps...he, a thinner and smaller in appearance persion, (didn't look like a DGP :)) is a rolemodel for not just officers but for the carry the duty with upmost responsibility!