Monday, May 11, 2009

Downwards ..

Very strangely, the media has been obsessed with who will the PM candidates for the 2014 elections! Interviewer after interviewer posed the same question again and again to the two politicians who might be the top contenders for the post in 2014!

Also, I have heard the full speeches of almost all the important political leaders. I even heard a couple of speeches in person, and was really surprised to see how media covered the event the next day! Most of the leaders always used to cover a full range of topics in their speeches. Some were inspiring, some had excellent content, some were full of rhetoric, some had a balance of all three, and some were funny too!

Speaking of funny, believe it or not, Deve Gowda is dreaming of becoming the Prime Minister again! Well actually, more than being funny, a passing thought of that dreaded possibility is a nightmare in itself!

Speaking of nightmare, here’s another possibility being thrown around – Mayawati as PM! Can you beat that?

Speaking of politicians from UP, Amar Singh roped in another Bollywood star this time – Sanjay Dutt! I tried to figure out how he keeps doing this, and gave up on it.

Speaking of Bollywood, it was completely obsessed with trying to get people to vote this time. And only 41% of Mumbai voted. That’s probably the least in the whole country! Well, we cannot surely fault Bollywood from trying hard though.

Speaking of trying hard, I tried my best to keep this blog short, just like Karunanidhi’s “fast unto death” :D, but I guess it is difficult to meet such standards. :P

Speaking of standards, with the election campaign finally over today, it feels as if the politicians of the country know only one direction to go – downwards :D

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  1. Sandeep DeshpandeMay 13, 2009 at 11:15 AM

    Even across the party lines there have been some good orators in elections this time around. Though there has been more focus on media created toppers but there have been handful of low media profile leaders who have been splendid in the way they went about asking for the mandate.

    Anyways now its the exit poll time and i am not sure how much would that help us in knowing the final verdict as is the expectancy that a slight tilt or error in the vote count can change the climax.

    Inspite of all this, its time to spend our eve with the showmen at the moment like Yogendra Yadavs!!!